by Pressure Pact

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25 hand-numbered demo tapes giving a lo-fi messed up glimpse of what's to come in the near future. To be released by Humanimaal and Barnyard Boogie in August.
Recording, mix, master and art by us.


released July 27, 2018


all rights reserved



Pressure Pact Tilburg, Netherlands

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Track Name: Waste Of Boredom
Pissed at the pub
Snort down a line
Act like you're the king
Siege off to a fight

Run into others
Showing off your might
Get knuckles up your nose
And so ends your night

I'll never need it and I wont give in
Waste of boredom

Chugged many pints
Even out your drunk
Spend your monthly income
On an envelope of junk
Before you realise
Might end up on the streets
Without shelter
Barely steady on your feet,

I'll never need it and I won't give in
Blackout drunk, you're soaked in gin
Fix your fix, don't mind the cost
Can't lose if you're already lost
Track Name: Gestapo
Think. Fear. Act. Opposition.
Crime of thought. Proud Fascism.

Dark agents roam the corridors
Street light. Crow. Iron doors

You can try to run from the thought police
But you can't escape the Gestapo

There is no hope
A fear to escape the bowels of hell

Scratched into the concrete wall:
"I can't believe they got us all"
At night the grueling screams get loud
Is this what makes civilians proud?
There is no hope
Track Name: No Hope
I want to explode into a vengeful genocide
I want everyone to feel the pain that I feel deep inside

Apocalyptic war
My soul will cause the end of days
Every living thing incinerates
Nihilistic haze

I believe in nothing
Anger is my way
Break out, shut down
There is no hope left

Isolated from the norm
I'll never try to be
I need to see it all burn
Nobody can flee

Sulphuric void clings to the air
Shell shock twitches
Thousand yard stare

Shadows burned into the ground
Mutants roam
Faceless black hound

No one will escape
Track Name: Scared Off The Streets
All the streets are littered with filth and dirt
Catch the bubonic plague in Amsterdam
Wash and rub and scratch the putrid skin
Mental illness follows and settles in

All the pressure of the world at your feet
Scared of the street
Dark grinning figures planting havok through their seed
Scared off the streets

Public freedom monitored with arm and law
Panic strikes all over in people's minds
Meanwhile, banners and tear gas roam the streets
Thousands marching onwards from behind

Part of an economy where crime takes the lead
Scared of the street
Judged and shamed by this inbred human breed
Scared off the streets

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